July 18, 2016

Payroll Solutions

Picture This!

It is Wednesday afternoon, payroll is due in two hours and you still have not received the time card from your system (no matter what system it is). Think about the phone calls you will receive on Friday from 30 workers saying their pay is not correct. The adjustments must be made for each check. Let’s not mention the costs of running another payroll! Taxes, insurance costs, and not to mention you must talk to your employee about their check. This is almost the typical week for most businesses when it comes to payroll. Honestly, handling your own payroll is stressful to your you and your everyday business!

Stressed just thinking about it!

Does This Look Familiar?

Payroll payroll Hr Frustration

BEST will alleviate that stress!

Our Payroll Partnership Program offers a flexible solution to every employee payment need. It reduces costs for you on both the front and back end. Processing pay is a very complex and complicated part of your everyday business. BEST owns your weekly pay process and ensure your needs are met. This includes all employee pay related calls, your city, county, state, and federal payroll taxes, compliance, and much more!

BEST alleviates all the stress, worry, and headaches that comes along with an employee’s payroll. Here are a few highlights of our Partnership Program:

  • Online time clock and time sheets
    • Time Monitoring software
    • Schedule tracking
    • Web Based Attendance Notifications
      • Web Based Attendance Policy (Full customization to fit your policies)
  • Web and App based system
    • 24/7 access to employee pay and history
  • Assigned Representative
  • Weekly payment for all temps
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting


These are just a few benefits and highlights to the program. Our Assigned Representative will gather the specific details of your needs and ensure your transition to our Partnership Program is seamless. We accommodate your need by being versatile. BEST can convert your employees electronically or we can meet for a face to face conversion. The sooner we speak, the sooner we can start saving you money! Contact Us Now!

BEST is an all in one solution, see our other areas of expertise below!